2001 — Company registration.
2002 — Start of production and release of the first SLI battery.
2003 — 2004 — Establishment of a regional trading network.
2005 — Mastering the full production cycle, in which the major part of components produced at CJSC «AKOM», attainment of projected capacity of 1 million batteries per year. 
2006 — Expansion of batteries model range in the direction of increasing capacity. 
2008 — Foundation of research and development center.
2010 — Attainment of projected capacity 1,5 million batteries per year.
2012 — Settlement of holding on the base of АКОМ group of companies.
2013 – Production modernization, launching of new production & warehouse facilities
2014 – Commissioning of charging units for accelerated formation of trucks batteries

2015 – Second finish line launching, verification of quality certificates: ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949

Company and personnel

CJSC «AKOM» — is the basic business in the group of companies, what imposes a special responsibility for the production rate and quality. By batteries production, we "charge" not only the automotive industry, but also position ourselves as the unique industrial complex. At CJSC «AKOM» the highest standard was taken in the sphere of production, production discipline, management efficiency and lean manufacturing. Every three years, the company runs an external audit of the quality management system and environmental production, suggesting a system approach, the interaction between departments and motivation of each employee. AKOM is associated today with high-tech production, with the potential for further modernization and multi-stage system of product quality control. During 2012-2013 investments in the development of production were 165 millions of rubles - more than in all the years of the enterprise existence.
The staff of CJSC «AKOM» – is the team of highly qualified specialists who receive ongoing training. They are committed to the spirit of enterprise and aimed at the introduction of the most advanced technologies.
The company consists of 3 industrial buildings, office and amenity building and storage accommodation. The total area is ​​19 786 sq.m.
Management of the company is the powerful production and intellectual potential, capable to achieve the most complex targets of modern high-tech production.


Accumulator production plant AKOM is located in the central part of Russia in Zhigulevsk city of Samara region. The company is located in the center of developed infrastructure, the intersection of the various transport routs that allows to interact quickly with different regions of Russia and abroad.