Production is equipped with modern foreign equipment with advanced technology "Calcium-Calcium." Its feature is the replacement of traditionally used antimony in the battery plates to calcium. Plate’s grids are produced by plastic deformation of lead into lead strip which then perforate and expand. Such a plate is hard than the traditional, less affected to peeling and corrosion. This technology allows fully automate the process of obtaining the plates, as well as eliminate the use of antimony in alloys - the most harmful emissions factor in battery manufacturing.

"Calcium-Calcium" is the only one of all existing technology that allows to produce battery for consumers capable to provide working capacity of modern cars equipped with a large number of energy consumers.

Advantages of calcium batteries

  • better specific capacity;
  • more effective current acceptance;
  • saving of starting characteristics for 18 months from production date;
  • stable level of electrolyte;
  • minimal maintenance.

New battery generation

The new type of lead-acid battery was developed in 2014-2015 together with CJSC «Accumulator of innovation». In international classification it is named EFB – Enhanced Flooded Battery.

Applied technology allowsincreasing the charge-discharge cyclequantity and improves battery sustainability to deep discharge. More efficient charge receiving speeds up the process of discharge compensation during vehicle motion.

Such kind of battery is produced under «ULTIMATUM» trademark.  It has a double life resource.Itcorresponds with requirements raised from necessity to be installed in vehicles with «Start-stop» system.  The ULTIMATUM can be used in water transport and as an emergency stationary power source. The main distinctive feature of EFB is provision of high durability due to soft multiple segments modes of charging under strict temperature control.