2002 — Company registration.

2006 — Start of production and release of the first ton of raw lead.

2007 — Mastering the production of lead, corresponding to GOST 3778-98.

2008 — Expanding the range of products, start of production of lead-antimony battery alloys.

2011 — Output on a designed capacity 9,000 tons of lead and alloys.

2012 — PLC "AKOM-invest" become part of the holding "AKOM Group" as metallurgical plant, major supplier of lead to CJSC “AKOM”.

2013 — Expanding the range of products, the start of production of lead-calcium battery alloy.

The company and staff

PLC "AKOM-invest" - a company included in the holding "AKOM Group" as metallurgical production, is a major supplier of lead and alloys for battery plant - CJSC "AKOM."

The company began its work with the recycling of batteries scrap to the lead bullion. Today the plant is able to offer its partners a wide range of products - different brands lead, lead-antimony alloys, as well as the production of alloys according to customer requirements

Metallurgical company PLC "AKOM-Invest" is full-cycle. It includes warehousing, manufacturing, administrative offices, located in the same total area of 20,278 sq.m.

"AKOM-invest"’ knit highly skilled team of managers successfully solves problem of modern production. Personnel policy of the company gives a fuller and more effective use of knowledge and skills of their employees.


Metallurgical company PLC "AKOM-Invest" is located in the industrial area of Central district of Togliatti, Samara region.