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Ignatiev Nikolai Mikhailovich 
President of the «АКОМ» Group of companies

Ignatiev Nikolai Mikhailovich

President of the «АКОМ» Group of companies

Nikolai Ignatiev: “Strategic aim has not changed - to become a global player”

With the President of the AKOM Group of the companies we talked before Machine Builders Day. This holiday for many companies of Samara Automotive Cluster is a certain point when it is possible to summarize the activities, to make plans for the future. Our

Nikolai Ignatiev: «Successful people are always ahead of their time»

We grow up and invest in the future

JV today is not the only one way of development

Regional suppliers of automotive components meet a high competition with foreign manufacturers of components. Will the russian suppliers of spare parts survive? What is the condition of the russian battery market? About this and many other things says the


Russian automotive component industry is not able to withstand direct competition with foreign suppliers . However, the President of the Group "AKOM" Nikolai Mikhailovich Ignatiev has a quite different opinion on this subject. Today…

Nikolay Ignatiev: «We must be leaders in Russia»

On 8 month of 2012 result Group of companies "AKOM" took on the leading position among Russian manufacturers of batteries in terms of production. By 2015, the company plans to increase its capacity to 2.5 million batteries per year. About how...

Business interests of GC «АКОМ» coincide with the needs of the region

Main structure reformation related to the establishment of the holding with managing company on the basis of the group of companies (GC) "AKOM" is scheduled for April. Improvement of corporate management become a step to increasing the production…

Accumulating efforts

Group of companies "AKOM" combined into a holding. The largest supplier of batteries for the Russian automotive industry - GC "AKOM" - is currently implementing a project to develop and implement managing holding…

Modernization processes in “AKOM” are carried out constantly

Operation results of CJSC "AKOM" in the first half of 2011 showed 34% production volume increase compared to the same period in 2010 This was made possible thanks to a whole range of events, including a series of processes…

AKOM on the threshold of a new stage of development

In 2010 company increased production of the battery in almost twice. This is primarily due to the successful work on the automotive market, in the direct deliveries to the automakers conveyors. Continuing stable cooperation with…